Aged care facilities are incredibly important features in our society. They house some of the most at-risk and vulnerable members of our community, and are places where skilled workers care for their health and wellbeing. An aged care facility provides essential services for the ageing and aged, and that’s why it is so critical that they are designed and built effectively and efficiently. This means that these facilities must be designed with consideration to the physical and social needs of older people. A custom commercial builder is most well-prepared for and suited to designing and building a modern aged care facility. Keep reading to find out about the current trends in aged care building and design, and where to find professional builders for all your commercial needs.

Creating a Home-Like Space

Gone are the days where clinical design features that closely resemble hospitals are acceptable for aged care facilities. In fact, trends in building and design are showing that the opposite is now the aim – personalisation and homeliness are now important considerations for these facilities. Aiming to create spaces within aged care facilities that feel residential as opposed to clinical can benefit residents in a number of ways.

An important factor is fostering a sense of home within aged care settings, which is important for independence, and emotional and mental wellbeing. Additionally, for those making the transition from home to aged care, it is important that the difference between the two spaces not be too jarring. Moving from a much-loved home to a care setting is a huge change, which often comes with many conflicting and difficult emotions. A well-designed aged care setting can help to make this transition smoother, by providing an environment that still feels personal and homely. Aged care settings no longer need to feel like cold, clinical institutions when homeliness and personalisation are considered during both the design and building process.

Fostering Connection and Community

Another important consideration is in designing and building spaces that foster connection, and additionally, a sense of community. Ageing and aged people need connection to others – to other residents, to their friends and family, and to a wider community. Such connection can have important social, emotional, and mental benefits, which are critical to the overall health of those living in aged care settings.

So how can building and design actually help to foster community and connection? A modern aged care facility should include spaces that encourage socialisation and inclusion through its design. This could be inviting interior and exterior spaces that can accommodate groups of residents – large and small. These spaces in turn, through their inviting nature, can help to foster relationships and social activities like games, crafts, and simple friendly conversation. Interior common spaces should have ample natural light, and have carefully considered lighting and colour palettes. Exterior common spaces should include options for shade and cover from direct sunlight or other elements, as well as provide comfortable outdoor seating options.

It is also important that aged care settings provide many opportunities and spaces for residents to socialise and connect with their friends and family. The interior and exterior spaces mentioned above are important for this, as they can provide room for extended family to visit their loved ones. This again fosters a sense of connection within residents of aged care facilities, which is critical for overall wellbeing.

Spaces that Support Staff

The healthcare and support workers that staff aged care facilities play a critical role in the lives of aged care residents. They provide essential care for the ageing and aged day in and day out, and they are the backbone of these important facilities. That’s why aged care settings should also be designed and built with staff in mind. It is important that staff have a dedicated space in which they can take their breaks, or prepare for their shifts. The health and wellbeing of staff members is also a very important consideration, and effective and efficient building and design can play a role in this. Just as residents shouldn’t have to live in clinical, institution like spaces, staff members in turn want a comfortable place in which to have their breaks, decompress, and recharge, ready to carry on with their important work.

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