As luxury custom home builders, here at S&B Lamble Builders, we strive to keep on top of the ever-changing and always-evolving trends for luxury homes. This month, we are going to be focussing on the spaces that every luxury home needs in 2022 and beyond. 

Are you looking to build a luxury custom home? Are you in the process of planning, or designing your own personal slice of luxury?  Maybe you’re looking for design ideas for your luxury renovation or building and need some inspiration.  Keep reading to find out about all the different spaces that all luxury homes need, and where to find a luxury home builder in Melbourne.

A Beautiful Luxury Kitchen

We’ve all heard the cliché the kitchen is the heart of the home, but here at S&B Lamble, we believe that it’s one cliché that rings true. The kitchen truly is the centre of your home; it’s a hub of activity, togetherness, and connection.

There’s one thing that will never go out of style when it comes to building and design: a stunning, luxury kitchen. While trends in colour palettes and fixtures will continue to drift in and out of fashion, the kitchen will continue to be the heart and soul of your home for decades to come.

So, what makes a kitchen luxurious? Luxury kitchens are synonymous with sleek and elegant design and planning, and everything you could want or need from a kitchen at your fingertips. Think: dishwasher drawers, French door fridges, wine, and drink coolers, and sparkling water at the touch of a button. Add to that, masterfully created cabinetry, a spacious island, and a variety of high-end finishes, and you’re on your way to a luxury kitchen!

Your luxury kitchen is what you make it, as is your luxury home – that’s the beauty of designing and building a custom home! For some more inspiration, check out our guide to luxury kitchens. The sky is the limit when it comes to kitchens – especially luxury ones, so you can let yourself see where your imagination takes you, with the help of a custom builder like S&B Lamble Builders.

The High-Tech Space

Luxury custom homes are often characterised by technology and high-tech features, and in 2022, high-tech rooms or spaces are in the floor plans of more and more custom homes. What could be more luxurious than intuitive technology at your fingertips that can not only make your life easier, but entertain you, and maybe even inspire you, too?

Your high-tech space could take the shape of a cinema-quality movie room, a gaming space with all the latest consoles and equipment, or maybe even a state-of-the-art fitness room. Whatever type of technology your heart desires, with the help of a luxury custom home builder, these dreams can become a reality. Find out more information about high-tech spaces, home automation and smart homes.

A Spacious Walk-In Robe

Does anything say luxury more than a dedicated room for your clothing, footwear, and accessories? The walk-in robe is the epitome of luxury, and much like every other room in your custom home, it can be customised to suit all your needs and tastes.

Whether you want a modestly sized, but well-fitted beautiful walk-in robe, or if you need a stunning, dedicated room for your wardrobe, (or somewhere in between!), all of this is possible.

As in all custom homes, high-end fixtures and features play a large role, such as custom cabinetry, floor coverings, and furnishings. You can even incorporate technology into your walk-in robe and transform this into a high-tech space too!

An Outdoor Living Area

Finally, we come to the great outdoors, and what could be more luxurious for your outdoor space than a dedicated outdoor living area? Every custom home needs a beautiful, landscaped, and lavish outdoor living space – an area to enjoy the beautiful Aussie weather and relax and connect with loved ones. 

Think of balmy summer evenings spent with friends, the sizzle of the barbeque mingling with the buzz of cicadas. Imagine, Winter nights huddled around your raised fire pit with your family, Christmas lunches under the pergola, and a few lazy laps of your very own pool each morning.

All of this and more can become a reality in your luxury custom home if you can imagine it!

Looking for a Luxury Custom Home Builder?

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