High-end kitchen renovations showcase the best of modern design, premium craftsmanship and the latest technology. As luxury home builders in Melbourne, we’ve recognised the growing shift to including passive design elements and sustainable features that are eco-friendly and reduce running costs. From water-efficient fixtures to stunning skylights, today we outline some simple strategies to include sustainable features in your kitchen renovation that benefit the environment and your timeless atmosphere.

Greener appliances and efficient fittings

A quick method to improving the kitchen’s environmentally friendly feel is to ensure that all selected appliances are built for high performance with a high energy rating. Typically, kitchens can use a large amount of energy, by choosing water and energy-efficient appliances and fittings you will save money on running costs and use fewer resources over time than less efficient or older technology.

A luxury kitchen renovation is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your appliances and technology to improve the home’s energy efficiency. From larger appliances like dishwashers, fridges and range hoods through to smaller appliances like microwaves and blenders, choosing the latest model with high energy efficiency will ensure your home is contemporary.

Recycled and natural materials

Choosing to implement more natural materials in the home creates a timeless aesthetic that’s perfect for a modern kitchen. From natural stone for the kitchen counter to recycled timber for the floorboards, there is a myriad of ways to include natural materials in the home while upholding that luxurious feel. Ensuring your materials are sourced locally, for fewer greenhouse gases produced during transport, or that the timber has FSC certification labelling are small ways to improve your home’s sustainability at little cost. Additionally, timber and greener materials have been shown to improve the calming atmosphere of a home for greater mental health.

Recycled materials also improve your kitchen’s sustainability by reducing the carbon emissions needed to fabricate and transport new materials and products. Cabinetry made from chipboard waste or recycled timber is an easy method of introducing greener materials without damaging the modern style of your interiors. Before renovating, look at the features of your current kitchen and see if you can include any of these materials in your renovation. Repurpose old pipes, transform old floorboards into a freshly sealed dining table or simply repaint old cabinetry doors for an eco-friendlier home.

Passive design elements

By choosing efficient insulation and carefully considering the airflow of a space, passive design can benefit your custom luxury home. Not only is adequate ventilation and airflow integral to a comfortable kitchen, but a renovation provides a fantastic opportunity to improve your home’s ventilation and cooling. This could include upgrading to proper insulation within the walls or installing a larger window for more natural light during the day. By choosing a high-performance ventilation system above your stovetop or ensuring that all your windows have efficient glazing to beat the heat, you can improve the comfortable enjoyment of your kitchen and save money on heating and cooling.

Using experienced luxury home builders and the latest building technology

By choosing an experienced builder who is at the forefront of the latest building methods and technology you ensure that the renovation is completed quickly with less material wastage. Experienced builders have the skilled craftsmanship needed to avoid costly mistakes, leading to fewer carbon emissions and wasted materials and a more streamlined build process.

The talented team at S & B Lamble Builders have over 35 years of experience in creating dream homes filled with must-have features and luxury kitchens. From refreshing renovations to total home remodels, our team have the skills needed to incorporate sustainable materials and passive design in your premium home in a way that’s cost and energy-efficient.

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