Building a luxury custom home means that you can bring your dream home to life. It also means that you have a high level of control over the design, build, and the finished product, and allows you to make decisions to customise your home down to the smallest details. One important consideration is sustainability, and making your home an eco-friendly one. When it comes to sustainable homes, there are many benefits for both you as a homeowner, as well as for the world around you. That’s why we have rounded up this list of simple ways to incorporate sustainability into your design and build: so you can end up with an eco-friendly home that will be good to you and the environment for years to come.

Embrace Passive Design

Passive design is an important concept when it comes to building and sustainability. There are several components to passive design, but put simply, this concept means to work with a local climate to maintain and regulate a comfortable temperature within a home. Features such as insulation, window glazing, and passive heating and cooling all work together to deliver eco-friendly results year-round such as lower greenhouse gas emissions.

One feature of passive design is passive heating, which is the process of trapping heat from the sun inside the home. This is primarily achieved by designing a home to include north-facing windows, and include living areas on the north side of the home. On the other hand, passive cooling means to use design principles like shading, insulation, and window placement to prevent heat gain and increase heat loss.

Other components of passive design include proper and effective insulation and window glazing, among others. The important thing to remember is that all of the different features of passive design interact and work together to contribute to an overall more eco-friendly home.

Utilise Renewable Energy

The first thing to consider when it comes to renewable energy for custom homes is solar power. Investing in solar panels is an eco-friendly, sustainable way to generate electricity for your home, and when it comes to designing a custom home, you will be able to design with solar power in mind. This means that you get to maximise energy generation through panel placement, and potentially significantly decrease the energy consumption of your finished home.

In addition, you can also consider choosing a green energy supplier as one of the ultimate ways to ensure that your custom home is sustainable. 

Choose Energy Efficiency

There are many ways that you can incorporate energy efficiency into your home. First, consider your choice of appliances for your new home. According to, household appliances account for approximately 30% of home energy use. This means that when it comes to selecting new appliances for your new home, you should pay close attention to the Energy Rating Label. This system allows you to easily compare the energy efficiency of different appliances and models. The star rating is a simple visual indicator – the more stars, the more energy efficient, meaning the product will use less energy and save you more on your energy bill.

In addition, another great way to maximise energy efficiency is to carefully consider the lighting in your home. Energy efficient light globes are widely available and use approximately 80% less energy than regular globes. These LED globes even have a longer lifespan than the old-style of globe, which is better for your hip pocket, and means less time spent replacing light globes.

Build With Sustainable Materials

When it comes to sustainability and custom homes, choosing eco-friendly building materials is one of the ultimate things to consider. Building your new home using natural and sustainably sourced materials is a fantastic and effective way to contribute positively to the environment, and make your house an eco-friendly one. Utilising these sustainable materials will mean collaborating and working closely with your custom builder, as they will be in charge of sourcing the eco-friendly supplies for your custom build. This collaborative relationship starts with choosing the right custom builder for you, and should be based on a shared vision for sustainability, as well as for the design and build of your new home.

Are You Ready to Build Your Luxury Custom Home?

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