Wineries are synonymous with rolling hills, relaxing experiences and of course, great wine. Whether it’s a weekend away, corporate event or wedding – wineries offer the perfect backdrop for cherished memories and are only becoming more popular. But what makes the winery itself special? As custom commercial builders, we’ve had the privilege to work on a number of wineries in varying degrees and are here to present four unique elements that truly transcend your average winery into a distinctive locale.

1.     Outdoor coverings

Outdoor coverings are a simple feature with the potential to change the entire mood and capabilities of a winery if done correctly. One of the best parts about going to a winery is relaxing outside whilst sampling and mingling – but sometimes the weather doesn’t always allow that and forces the fun indoors.

A simple sold-roofed pergola or other outdoor covering will negate the necessity to move indoors and allow you to continue to soak in the outdoor ambience. We’re not just talking about rain, though, as sometimes a sunny, cloudless day can bring down a lot of heat and UV rays. The covered areas can offer much-needed harbour from the intense weather.

Similarly, a deck on a winery should be at least partially covered to offer a similar sort of experience. Decks tend to cater more towards the sit-down experience and will allow you to enjoy your fine-dining experience outside regardless of what the weather has in store.

2.     A distinctive cellar door

A cellar door is a very common feature for a winery to have – in fact, it’s rarer for a winery to not have one. The best way to set your winery apart from the rest (other than offer exceptional wine) is to create an unforgettable experience. This could be in the way you present the wine or the way your cellar is designed or laid out.

Consider alternative designs that go beyond the modern restaurant/bar look or cookie-cutter wine cellar aesthetic that – whilst timeless and carries a certain charm to it – is featured heavily in wineries all over the world.

Try to think of something that is directly influenced by your wine and its origins for example. If you’re using a lot of Spanish grapes and are producing high-quality Tempranillo’s, then perhaps a cellar door inspired by some iconic Spanish wineries would be a place to start.

3.     Fine dining

It’s become common practise for a winery to feature a restaurant that offers seasonal and locally sourced fine dining options. Mastering this will give you a huge leg up over any competitors as one of the few things better than tasting a fantastic glass of wine is pairing it with delicious and expertly prepared food.

There are several avenues you can follow in terms of the menu and when it comes to the dining room itself, you can discuss it with our custom commercial builders and an architect who will be able to help you achieve an aesthetic that will suit the rest of the winery.

4.     On-site accommodation

Building luxurious accommodation besides your winery is the ultimate way to hook guests and create an unforgettable experience that will go beyond a single day. It opens up doors for a variety of other activities such as yoga classes and hiking trails, as well as in-room dining packages and bundle packages for those longer stays – allowing people to spend entire weeks or weekends away at your winery. 

The benefit of having the accommodation so close is that your guests won’t have to travel so far to savour the experience. This is an attractive idea and a smart investment that will pay off in the long run.

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