The bedroom is such an important space within the luxury custom home. It’s a space not just for sleeping, but for reading, watching films, listening to music, relaxing, and the list goes on. What’s important to note is that the bedroom in the twenty-first century is multi-functional. It serves more than one purpose, for many people, in many different ways. Some people, study or even work in their bedrooms. For others, it’s a sanctuary within a busy and bustling house. These many functions are important to keep in mind when thinking about luxury bedrooms for custom homes. From design features to building features, the sky really is the limit when it comes to lavish bedrooms. That’s the beauty of designing and building a luxury custom home; you can let your imagination run wild and trust your builder to see your plans through to fruition. Keep reading to find out our top features of luxury bedrooms, and where to find an expert custom home builder.

An Ensuite Bathroom

Having an ensuite bathroom is one of the ultimate signifiers of luxury. What could be more convenient and luxurious than having your own private bathroom within your bedroom? The ensuite bathroom itself can be lavish too – from the tiling to the cabinetry, to the fittings and fixtures – it’s the ultimate space within a space.

Consider luxury tile like marble for a custom bathroom, or on-trend fittings like brass, for a beautiful and stylish ensuite that will delight you every day. Creating a luxury bedroom means an opportunity to create your perfect luxury ensuite bathroom, too. One is not complete without the other! Check out our guide to luxury bathrooms to find out all about the features you can include in your own ensuite bathroom.

The Walk-in Robe

Another space within a space, the walk-in robe is once again, a sign of a custom bedroom and home. This wardrobe doesn’t merely have to be a wardrobe – it can be whatever it is that you want it to be. A walk-in robe can also be a stunning dressing room, complete with full-length mirrors and a chaise lounge. It could also be a dedicated make-up space, with a bespoke vanity and stylish, custom lighting.

Your luxury walk-in robe will include custom cabinetry, and plush-pile carpet, or sleek hardwood floors. Add in a custom lighting plan, and high-end touches like furniture and textiles, and you have the perfect walk-in wardrobe.

A Lavish Bed

The feature piece of furniture in a bedroom is, of course, the bed, so a luxurious one is essential. Think: a sprawling king-sized bed, topped with a plush, thick mattress and piled with comfy throw cushions. Choose a mixture of textures and materials for an elegant overall look.

You could also add a touch of luxury to the style of bed that you choose. Consider the chic sophistication that a four-poster bed could bring to a space, or a striking, unique custom headboard. Whatever the type or size of bed you choose, your bed will no doubt be the focal point of the space, so it’s a great opportunity to add some luxury to your bedroom.

Focus on Lighting

Lighting makes such a difference to a room and can really transform a normal bedroom into a luxury one. There are two elements to consider when it comes to lighting: natural light, and artificial light.

 Many luxury bedrooms have huge amounts of natural light, with features like floor-to-ceiling windows being popular to add a touch of opulence and style. This natural light makes rooms of all types seem bright and airy and can elevate a space from drab to fab! Artificial light is also important to think about, as light fittings in the right places can set the tone for the room at night, or on really dreary days. Hanging pendant lights next to the bed can create a cosy atmosphere perfect for reading, for example.

When next designing or building a bedroom space, make sure to really consider the lighting in the room, and you will be sure to create a stylish luxury space.

High-Tech Features

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mention of the technology that so often characterises luxury spaces. This is also true of lavish bedrooms, where high-tech accessories can go a long way to making a space feel luxurious.

Think: voice-activated music, podcasts or e-books, smart speakers, or smart lighting, to make your bedroom intuitive, entertaining, and even inspiring! Make sure to read this Wikipedia page to find out more about home automation and smart technology.

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