Our luxury home builders have witnessed a variety of lavish and extravagant backyards that complement newly built custom homes over the last 35 years. Yards have so much potential and the more room you have the larger the scope of possibility becomes. Let’s take a look at five lavish features that really take a custom luxury home to the next level.

1.     Outdoor living space

A highly sought-after luxury feature is an outside living space. There is so much possibility depending on whether you’re after a more casual or formal touch. If you’re having trouble deciding, you can just opt for both if you have the space and combine the two. Some popular elements include complete kitchens, speakers/televisions, couches/lounges, dining sets and even outdoor fireplaces. If done correctly, you’ll rarely have to go inside for anything.

Outdoor living spaces are particularly useful when it comes to entertaining guests. If you’re going for a fully fitted-out option with a kitchen and all then we highly recommend placing it all undercover, which will also shield the furnishings from the elements. Of course, if you have the space, a separate, uncovered living space could come in handy as well but would probably feature fewer amenities.

2.     Swimming pool and spa

A swimming pool with an additional spa is probably the quintessential luxury backyard feature and one that our builders have seen plenty of variations of. Let’s start big — if you’re looking to make an impression and add a splash of next-level luxury to your backyard, then you should build an indoor pool. Indoor pools are essentially accessory buildings made specifically to house a swimming pool and should also have space for changing rooms or even other activity rooms (like an at-home gym or yoga studio, for example).

If you prefer to have a more traditional pool out in the elements, then there’s plenty you can do to make it luxurious and lavish. Adding a spa is definitely one of those features and another one can be attaching some marble water features. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to make your swimming pool more extravagant, you can check out our article dedicated to luxury swimming pool features.

3.     Hedge art

Whether you’re looking to pick up a hobby or are hiring a professional to do it — hedge art is an immaculate addition to your backyard (and even front yard) and allows for your creativity and personal passions to be represented through a unique and gorgeous medium. Whilst larger pieces will require big backyards, you can definitely still feature some smaller pieces if you haven’t quite got the space. Hedge art is also a great conversation starter, however, it will require regular maintenance.

4.     Elevated gazebo

Placing a gazebo in your backyard takes the idea of a pergola and makes it more regal and structured. Depending on the size, you will be able to fill it with a variety of furnishings and the solid rooftop will ensure enjoyment all year round. Making it a centrepiece (both literally and figuratively) is a fantastic design choice and elevating it so it sits a bit higher will add a distinctive depth that you won’t be able to fully appreciate until you’re actually experiencing it.

Our luxury home builders would also recommend a dedicated path leading from your home to the gazebo. The path itself opens up plenty of opportunity for border decorations as well as a roof that will shield your walk to the gazebo during a downpour. The gazebo is the perfect setting for you to do some work, read a book or even enjoy a quiet, outdoor lunch.

5.     Japanese ponds

If you’re looking to add a touch of classic culture to your garden, then Japanese ponds are the way to go. Not only will they add a truly unique aspect to your yard, but they’ll become a tranquil and coveted area ideal for relaxation. You can even purchase some fish to add to the pond for authenticity. Japanese ponds generally have lavish additions such as mini-waterfalls, stepping-stones and lots of shrubbery and native plants.

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