One of the best parts about custom luxury homes is the creativity that goes into the planning and what can be seen in the end result. A feature that is becoming increasingly popular – and also adds value to your home – is an accessory building in your backyard. An accessory building is any sort of structure that is detached from the main house. It could be a self-sufficient unit with four walls and a roof or it could be something closer to a gazebo or pergola. Either way, they can be incredibly practical and stylish if done correctly. Let’s take a look at five different styles you can go for when looking at an accessory building.

1.   A guesthouse

Depending on the size you’re looking at, a guesthouse can be a simple room with a bed, or you can aim for something grander and add a bathroom and living room as well. This can also act as a fun little area for your children if they have friends over for the night. There are no limitations with a guesthouse and you can even go as far as adding a kitchen in. By adding a kitchen, living room and bathroom you can even look at renting out the room on Airbnb – as its own self-sufficient little unit. 

2.   A pool house

These are highly sought after and practical additions to your backyard if you have a pool. A pool house essentially acts as a building that holds items like towels and pool cleaning supplies but at a closer distance than your house – making it easy and convenient to manage your pool activities. Pool houses can also have bathrooms and showers in them, so you don’t have to walk through your home smelling like chlorine. If you add a veranda and some banana lounges, then you will have a great place to relax on a sunny day in between dips.

3.   A pergola

Pergolas are unique additions to any yard. They embody a very specific vision that can be moulded to your backyard’s style. Pergolas are open structures consisting of columns holding up a roof. They are the perfect structures to place an outdoor dining table set under. On a sunny day, the roof will provide shade from direct sunlight, but you will still be outside and have exposure from the sides. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind eating directly under the sun, then the solid roof can be substituted for something a bit different. You can opt for a combination of glass and wooden beams. That way, the sunlight is only partially blocked and rays will still make their way through. You can also opt for a more classic approach and build a pergola out of stone with a roof made from crisscrossed beams, and vines growing through them. Outdoor couches also work great in these situations.

4.   A recreational room

The rec room is the ultimate addition to custom luxury homes. This is where you can go all out. A pool table is a must-have for the rec room – so you’ll need quite a large room for that. In the living room, as well as comfortable couches and a television, you’ll probably want to consider having a bar area installed. This will definitely add value to your house overall if you ever consider selling in the future. The design of the building should be something quite solid with sound-proofing qualities to keep any noise contained.

5.   A relaxation room

This is similar to a rec room. However, this type of accessory building is typically a lot simpler in its design and features minimal furnishings. This is the sort of room you’d go to read a book in. White paint on the inside, and maybe a veranda with a chair on the outside. You can have some fun with the design aesthetics of this one and have large windowpanes as the walls. This will also maximise the amount of sun you get – but also on the rainier days, you’ll be able to watch the rain run down the windows. It truly is a cosy and comfortable type of building that you’ll get a lot of use out of.

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