Like the bathroom, the kitchen is considered a prized location in a house. Not only does it need to be balanced with the rest of the home’s décor, but it also needs to be practical. This is where some kitchens fail as they may look the part, but the functionality doesn’t reflect the level that the accompanying aesthetic does. 

Our custom home builders in Pakenham have had over 35 years of experience crafting luxury homes and know how to design a kitchen perfectly without sacrificing practicality for design or vice versa. If you’re looking to build a luxury homeor renovate your existing home, then these five must-have features should be considered for your kitchen to truly embrace modern luxury and practicality.

1.     Smart appliances

The biggest rise in home trends over the last few years has been smart appliances. These useful technological marvels aren’t just for automatically turning your lights on when you arrive home — but can also go a lot deeper, tapping into your coffee habits to ensure your morning coffee is made, ready and waiting for you in the morning before work. From air fryers to toasters and everything in between, smart kitchen appliances are designed to make your time in the kitchen a lot easier and simpler.

2.     Integrated appliances

Whether it’s a dishwasher, refrigerator or oven — integrated appliances represent high-end luxury by blending functionality with the gorgeous aesthetic of your kitchen. It is the ultimate balance of the two elements. These are more expensive to install and also replace when the time comes — but if you choose your products right and look after them, they’ll last for decades, and you’ll be left with a stylish kitchen with some hidden secrets. Integrated appliances are space-savers, as well, leaving more room for you to put in other features such as cabinets to show off your stunning glassware/crockery or even a dedicated baking bench.

3.     High-quality materials

Natural stone is easily the most luxurious material for kitchen benchtops, but some — such as marble — are not as durable as others and will easily stain from liquids such as red wine or vinegar. If you’re someone who is going to be doing a lot of cooking and baking and are worried about staining your benchtop then perhaps, whilst it does look stunning, marble isn’t for you.

On the other hand, quartz is the best of both worlds (and still within the natural stones category) — carrying with it a luxurious and stylish aesthetic whilst also maintaining practicality and durability. Quartz benchtops are available in a wide variety of natural styles to suit your kitchen no matter what colour palette or theme it follows.

4.     Carefully curated lighting

Lighting is such an important part of the kitchen and sometimes you can benefit from more than simple overhead downlights. We’re talking about planning concentrated lighting to appropriately illuminate specific areas where you will be carrying out certain tasks. Maybe you’ll have a particular stretch of benchtop where you’ll mainly be baking or another area to use appliances such as blenders or stand-mixers. This is where concentrated lighting — whether it’s a low-hanging fixture (which also introduces several potential design elements) or a smart light, for example — will come in handy and enhance your kitchen experience.

Artificial lighting isn’t the only facet of this element that should be considered, as natural light is what you’ll predominantly be relying on during the day. Think large windows and skylights — any way you can maximise the amount of natural light that enters the kitchen will come in handy. Think about where the sun sets in relation to your kitchen and plan for the windows to be placed accordingly.

5.     Soundtrack to your cooking

There are many extra features that go that extra step further and add some final touches to a luxury kitchen, but being able to listen to your favourite songs whilst cooking or baking is one of the best extra features that we often satisfy with a simple, cheap solution. Instead of using a subpar portable Bluetooth speaker, invest in high-end multi-room systems like BlueOS or HEOS to give your kitchen routine the ultimate hi-fi soundtrack. Control your music from your smart assistant or phone and enjoy the music.

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