When it comes to outdoor spaces for luxury custom homes, the sky is the limit – literally! Whether it’s a garden, patio, back, or front yard that you are planning and designing, this list of luxury features is sure to give you some ideas for your home. Keep reading to find some inspiration for your luxury outdoor space, and then find out where to go for a custom home builder.


A big component of a luxury custom outdoor space is privacy. The aim is for your garden space to be a total oasis from the rest of the world so that you can enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends without interruption or distraction. How you achieve this privacy is up to you, and often the regulations of your state when it comes to fencing. However, fencing is an ideal option for creating privacy in your outdoor space, and you may already have an existing suitable fence. If you feel that privacy is still lacking, then landscaping is a great option to add additional privacy to your yard. Trees are perfect because of their height, and hedging is another option that can create that additional barrier you may be looking for. While plants and trees do require maintenance and upkeep, they also provide added benefits. These include natural sound-blocking qualities, and the beauty, greenery, and visual interest that they bring.

Relaxation Area

There are many things that can separate a custom outdoor space from an ordinary garden, yet perhaps none more so than the inclusion of an outdoor relaxation area. This is a space dedicated just to relaxing; it is a retreat within your garden that enables you and your family to relax and recharge while enjoying the peace and serenity of the great outdoors. This relaxation area can take many forms. Options include a comfy outdoor furniture set where you and your family can chat and catch up over dinner, or a lux patio-covered daybed perfect for reading, relaxing, and even the occasional afternoon snooze! The options are endless for your relaxation area, so be guided by how you like to relax, along with what your ideal garden haven looks like, and plan from there.

Consider Outdoor Lighting

This is one element that can be an afterthought in everyday gardens, yet this is another feature that makes luxury outdoor spaces really stand out. When it comes to our houses, lighting is a huge consideration, and the custom garden should certainly be no exception to this rule. When it comes to outdoor lighting, it is important to think about the type of atmosphere you are looking to create. Think about balmy summer evenings spent under twinkling string lights, or autumn and winter nights passed by the flickering, dappled light of an outdoor fire pit. Don’t forget those times when you need a well-lit space, and also make sure to factor in some brighter lighting options for when it is essential.

A Stunning Focal Point

This feature is all about drawing the eye. This is the element of your outdoor space designed to impress not only your guests but you, every time you step into your custom garden. Perhaps it is a spectacular water feature that is visually appealing while adding to the calming atmosphere with the sound of trickling water. Perhaps it is a piece of art displayed under the pergola, or maybe even outdoor-friendly art that immediately captures the attention of all who enter. Your focal point could be a pond, a lavish outdoor furniture set, or even your relaxation daybed, it just has to be something that draws the eye and grounds the outdoor space. This is where your imagination and your tastes can shine and flourish, so put on your designing cap and get to imagining!

Bring the Outdoors In

Consider designing an outdoor space that connects to an indoor space, for an open-plan, luxurious feel to your home and garden. This will also help to give the impression that your outdoor space is an extension of your home, opening up and enlarging both areas. Options for this type of connectivity include a living area that opens out to a lavish covered patio space or even a master bedroom attached to a private outdoor oasis. When your garden is as accessible as merely opening your French doors, it is sure to be all the more inviting. Greater accessibility means more relaxing moments spent outside, from sipping your morning coffee under the pergola to relaxing under the stars after dinner in the evenings.

Do You Need Custom Home Builders?

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