We all love looking at design magazines and dream homes online to get inspiration for our luxury custom homes. Well, our builders have done it all and can provide you with the hottest and chicest design elements to take your future dream home to the next level – so let’s have a look at six of those features in today’s blog!

1.     Kitchen islands

Whilst the general concept is becoming more and more commonplace in even small apartments nowadays – there are particular components you can change to make it really unique and special. For example – having some storage space inside of them with glass doors can look lovely, or even seamless drawers/cupboards with hidden handles that work towards a minimalistic aesthetic. Additionally, large kitchen islands can play host to several stools or chairs so you can enjoy your breakfast (or any meal for that matter) in a more casual setting with rustic low-hanging lamps suspended above.

2.     Study nooks

An often-revered luxury home feature, a study nook can range from a simple setup with a desk and window to a little cutaway escape that takes advantage of your home’s view (even if it’s just the gorgeous garden you’ve created). We prefer the latter option which has a more casual/fantasy world vibe to it that makes you feel like you’re escaping the real world even if it’s only momentary. A small space that juts out of your wall with a large window and cosy interior is the ideal space to spend time looking over some work or even to relax with a book and some coffee.

3.     Dedicated feature rooms

Library’s, cinemas and even yoga studios are also examples of what we mean by dedicated feature rooms. Creating a whole room for a single niche purpose. Why watch a movie in the living room when you can have your own cinema with an inbuilt kitchen, popcorn machine, leather seating, Dolby Atmos setup and 4K projector – allowing you to enjoy your favourite films in true cinematic style. 

If you’re someone who does yoga or Pilates every so often but doesn’t think having a dedicated room is worth it, then try combining it with an office or an indoor pool even. Floor to ceiling windows is a brilliant idea for this sort of room (especially if it’s facing the backyard) as it can really add to the ambience.

4.     Walk-in wardrobes

Ideal for every bedroom in the home, a walk-in wardrobe with plenty of space is one of the ultimate touches of luxury that a custom home can have. Not only does it provide you with a plethora of storage space for clothing and shoes (as well as practically any other item) but it presents you with an area to try on outfits and prepare yourself for the coming day or evening. We recommend designing the wardrobe with enough room for a medium-sized seat to be placed against one of the walls or in the middle of the space. If there are bedrooms that aren’t being used all the time, then those walk-in wardrobes can act as general storage spaces as well.

5.     Lavish ensuites

Making the most out of your master bedroom’s ensuite is pivotal to creating a luxe experience every morning you wake up and every night you go to bed. Open plan, rainfall showers with natural decorative features (such as a large stone and several small pebbles), deep baths and saunas, large, wall spanning mirrors with defined basins and plenty of room for various items. A skylight is also a fantastic idea as it’ll let in plenty of natural light – making those sunny mornings a charm. A design that allows access from both your bedroom and your walk-in wardrobe is also highly desirable as it may simplify your morning routine.

6.     Outdoor alfresco living

Designing an outdoor living area is key to making the most out of the good weather. Even if your living room gets a good amount of light it’s nothing like sitting outside and embracing the fresh air. Fully equipped outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s are essentials that’ll allow you to cook everything outside. Top it off with a nice lounge area and dining table under the cover of a solid roof. A nice, solid wooden or concrete deck is ideal for this sort of setup.

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