Our custom luxury home builders in Melbourne enjoy bringing people’s dream homes to life from the architectural plan, and we’ve had the pleasure of working on several lavish and grandiose custom luxury homes; from the most decadent bathrooms to breathtaking luxury kitchens. We thought we’d take this time to share seven of the next-level luxury features you can add to your dream home to truly make it feel unique and exclusive.

1.     Underground garage

The perfect feature for an automobile enthusiast and collector, an underground garage can be built to safely store your vehicles and act workshop for tinkering if properly outfitted. You can opt for a standard driveway that dips down into the garage for easy access or the more luxe elevator option — a car-sized elevator that will lower your car into the garage below. Regardless of the entry method, an underground garage represents a functional and luxurious custom home feature.

2.     Yoga studio

Our luxury home builders have noticed the prevalence of this feature spread in Melbourne in recent years as the popularity of yoga and Pilates has grown. Typically you would ensure that the room has a lot of natural light coming through it — this could be from a north-facing window (or backyard for privacy) or a spacious skylight — and a large mirror to help you ensure your form is correct.

Of course, a yoga studio can also double as a home gym or reading space with the natural light working in your favour. Be sure to ensure the windows and skylight(s) are double or triple glazed to lessen the chance of the studio becoming a hot-house when the sun is out in full force.

3.     Listening room

For the audiophiles out there, choosing to have a dedicated listening room designed before construction can be extremely beneficial; there are specialised designers out there who will factor in how sound travels to ensure aspects such as minimal reverb for a clean, natural sound. There’s little else that says true luxury than a dedicated listening room with a high-end hi-fi setup; consider chatting to a local hi-fi audio store about fitting out the room with ideal speakers, amplifiers and a solid streaming unit, CD player and turntable.

4.     Home cinema

And, of course, one for the cinephiles, our custom luxury home builders love working on Melbourne home cinemas and know there is so much you can do with them from a design and functionality standpoint. Whilst a classic home cinema aesthetic is popular, it isn’t unheard of for some to opt for themed rooms based on their favourite film franchises. You can also add some extras like a small kitchen at the back or simply just a popcorn machine and mini-fridge for easy access to snacks and drinks; take a look at our article on crafting the perfect home cinema for more tips.

5.     Tennis court

If you have a sizeable amount of land to build on and enjoy physical activity, then why not consider a tennis court? Provided you enjoy playing the sport, a tennis court can be great fun and will keep you fit whilst being a convenient distance away. It’s also a great social addition to have as you can have your friends and family over and even host fun competitions.

6.     An indoor pool

The benefits of an indoor pool far outweigh their outdoor counterparts in our opinion and offer a fantastic and unique exercise alternative that can be enjoyed during the coldest weather and heaviest downpour. The indoor environment will guarantee a cosy atmosphere in winter and a sun-filled one during summer with double-glazed windows and skylights. We also recommend floor-to-ceiling windows that can fold away to expose a large entrance during the hotter days so you can truly bask in the weather.

7.     Wine cellar

There are wine cellars, and then there are wine cellars; our custom luxury home builders in Melbourne think you’re going to want the latter. This is an absolutely essential feature for collectors, connoisseurs and anyone in between. Whether you want a classic, rustic design that’s tried and true, a modern iteration or the best of both worlds, our builders have extensive experience in constructing wineries and will be able to meet all your requirements.

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