It can be hard to construct an engaging aged care facility and so many times they can all end up looking too similar. Here at S & B Lamble Builders, we believe a solid aged care facility starts with a creative spark and the ambition to build something that will simultaneously stand out and serve to benefit the occupants. That’s why for today’s blog, our commercial builders in Melbourne are going to detail a few ways that activities can be encouraged through the construction of the building.

Outdoor activities

Encouraging the residents to contribute to community gardens or take walks for exercise is one of the best features you can add to an aged care facility. Building easily accessible areas with heaps of standing room where communal gardens/veggie patches can be placed are essential in encouraging this activity. If the area is too cramped then it may deter some residents from getting involved as it can be quite daunting otherwise.

Planning out interesting walking paths is crucial to encouraging exercising. Keep in mind when we say interesting we don’t mean complex – they should be fairly simple to follow but they should also be more than straight lines up and down. Try to introduce interesting features like small flowers on the borders or even arches at checkpoints to create excitement along the route.

In addition to the above two options, medium to large-sized plazas create great spaces for general group or solo activities as well as a place for friends to gather and families to visit. These plazas can have various additional elements such as water features or fixed benches to further motivate people to use the space. Additionally, they make great areas for BBQ’s and outdoor cooking activities – as well as encouraging the residents to eat outside and enjoy the weather.

Indoor activities

Let’s start with the lounge area. This space should be quite open to facilitate any visiting acts such as plays or musicians whilst also taking into account seating for a decent number of residents. Consider natural lighting as well – it’s a much better option than artificial lighting (especially when it comes to the eyes) and can be used advantageously by planning for skylights or a myriad of strategically placed windows that cover the area.

Even something as simple as walking indoors should be encouraged – especially since the weather won’t always allow for outdoor activities. With this in mind, there should be as few inclines/declines or staircases throughout the hallways to make it easier for residents to manage the walks. However, if these elements are unavoidable – then sufficient hand railings should be installed in these areas.

To further improve their experience, the hallways should go beyond the generic, monotonous aesthetic that is so widely used and instead adopt some distinctive designs and wallpapers. Along with clearly marked hallways, this will help the residents to distinguish where they are in the building as they’ll be able to associate certain aspects with certain areas. Including windows in some frequency is also great for the natural light and may also make the residents feel more comfortable. 

There’s always more that can be done to the dining room. A large and neatly organised room is essential to help the residents socialise with each other whilst ensuring they’re comfortable and not cramped. The space can also double as an area for activities such as dancing lessons. Simply move the dining furniture to the side and you’ve got yourself a great space for undergoing a number of indoor activities.

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