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Masters of the Clyde and Clyde North landscape, S & B Lamble Builders provide efficient construction solutions for both commercial and residential projects. Our sole purpose for the last 35 years has been turning our clients’ dreams into a reality.

Though we’re based in South-East Melbourne, our clientele stretch far and wide into regional Victoria as well as other parts of Melbourne such as Kew, Clyde and Clyde North, Pakenham, Surrey Hills, Hawthorn, Officer and Narre Warren to name a few.

Commercial construction

Licensed and qualified to construct a range of commercial properties, S & B Lamble Builders pride themselves on their high calibre and boutique projects within the Clyde and Clyde North area. From budgetary requirements to project meetings, we’re across every facet of the process and can execute each one with efficiency.

Over the last 35 years, we’ve built commercial buildings that require a range of facilities such as aged care facilities, gymnasiums and government properties. Our plentiful experience is matched by our superior workmanship, bespoke solutions and friendly customer service.

If you’re looking to submit a tender for Clyde or Clyde North or are interested in enquiring about our design and construction packages, then get in touch with us and we’ll help get your next commercial construction project off the ground.

35+ Years


When it comes to luxury homes in Clyde and Clyde North, S & B Lamble Builders have you covered. Our experience gives us the tools and knowledge to take your dream home concept to the next level. We’ve been renovating and constructing luxury homes for over 35 years and will work with you to help you realise your vision.

Not only do our homes look the part, but they’re also solidly built and end up increasing in value over the years. Our knowledge of all the relevant Clyde and Clyde North building regulations helps us to plan more effectively and make the most out of your construction project.

Don’t wait, turn your dream home into a reality with our help!

Dream home
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Rivercrest Christian College – MYP Stage 2, Clyde North

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Master Builders Victoria Member

Licence No. M3094

Registered Building Practitioner

Domestic Builder: Unlimited No. DB - U 4085 Commercial Builder: Unlimited No. CB-­L-M 40235

Victorian Government Construction Register

Accredited on the Victorian Government Construction Register (CSR) Pre Qualified No. 809158