As expert commercial builders, we love utilising innovative practices in our modern classroom designs. While traditional school design was limited to closed, individual classrooms, current trends are encouraging flexible learning spaces with more investments in primary school builds and improvements.

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Our team recognises that curated design and considered details can make tangible improvements to student enjoyment and academic performance. Here, we’ve explored some of the build elements that we incorporate into our schools to promote better student engagement.

The evidence of modern design increasing student engagement

The Victorian Government has revealed that a year-long study found classroom design can impact a student’s academic progress by 25 per cent. The findings of this study promote the importance of natural light in classroom spaces, acoustic consideration, air quality and colour. By giving more attention to these passive design features, builders can create classrooms that are designed to encourage learning. Improved school design by optimising space for quiet enjoyment is a simple method to benefit students, teachers and parents.   

1.     Incorporating natural light

One easy method to making a space more inviting through passive design is to ensure that there is taking advantage of natural light. Natural light has been shown to improve focus and mood, while also improving sleep and boosting vitamin D.

Too often, classrooms have seemed closed off from their exterior surroundings, but some simple renovations can take advantage of the natural light to create a more welcoming atmosphere, like skylights! Whether it’s adding large windows overlooking landscaping or building clerestory windows that allow light to spill further into the interiors, clever commercial builders can help use the Aussie sunlight to create brighter classrooms and minds.

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2.     Consider acoustics and airflow

Noise can easily distract young learners, making acoustics an important consideration when designing a modern school. Teachers should be easily heard within the classroom, while outdoor noise such as traffic or other classroom activities should be limited.  For this reason, classrooms that are side by side should have soundproof acoustics to avoid any distractions and encourage active listening
Similarly, the airflow and quality within a classroom can have a great impact on students, particularly in the warmer seasons. To add more control over the interior temperature, consider adding automated heating and cooling and more windows for a greater sense of flow between interior and exterior.

3.     Shifting the role of outdoor spaces

The role and importance of outdoor spaces are shifting in modern schools in Victoria and there are many essential elements to consider. Increasingly, outdoor areas are no longer limited to designated lunch and break periods. Schools are often using outdoor areas as accessible, learning landscapes, improving student well-being, and breaking away from the tradition of sitting in a dull classroom for eight hours.

Creating collaborative, open spaces is perfect for performances or group activities while offering a more flexible learning environment for students to enjoy. Victorian commercial builders can easily take advantage of this transition to more multipurpose outdoor spaces by establishing sheltered zones for easy use by younger classrooms, no matter the weather. This could include open-air theatres with timber seating or sheltered picnic tables with outdoor entertainment technology. Outdoor zones also offer more functional space for after school activities and programs, increasing the value of the school’s building to families within the community.

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