As luxury home builders, we have the pleasure of being a part of some outstanding and innovative builds that take advantage of the latest design trends. This simultaneously gives us insight into new and pioneering features and helps us to offer unique perspectives and ideas when discussing projects with new clients. In today’s article, we’re going to fuel your new home inspiration by giving you an exclusive sneak peek into five of the chicest luxury home design trends of 2021.

1.     Art Deco is back!

The elegant and dashing theme from the roaring 20s is making a resurgence in time for the 2020s. Panelled walls, bold, flat colours and architecturally-driven statement pieces come to mind when regarding this style. This style is perfect for an isolated room such as a library or large study, yet can still be blended to fit with the rest of your home’s style if you’re not willing to commit to a complete art deco environment.

There’s certainly a host of furnishings you can choose from to complete the art deco look with impressive and luxurious styles being easily accessible. Don’t be afraid to blend numerous colours such as shadow blues, oranges or even browns in with staple white features — when used correctly, the colour combinations can yield impressive and inimitable results.

2.     Darker shades in the bathroom

The days of the regal, bright white bathroom with gold-accented hardware are behind us with a toned-down approach taking centre stage. Dark grey walls and stone benchtops are now on-trend, creating a calming and reassuring atmosphere — a fitting environment for a room where most begin and end their day. This can be complemented by equally as muted appliances, with brass hardware fitting in especially well.

Our luxury home builders also recommend a mirror with a striking art deco border — doubling as a statement piece you can enjoy as well as a practical addition that will be used daily. Try matching the frame finishing to the rest of your hardware for a uniform look. Another trend that is popular in other parts of a home, such as a kitchen, but isn’t as practical in the bathroom, is touch cupboards. Depriving yourself of decorative hardware will not only mean a missed design opportunity but functionality as well, as it’s just generally easier to open cupboards that have handles when you’ve just gotten out of the shower or bath.

3.     Buying local

Buying local is a great way to give back to the community and help local businesses grow; recent years have seen an influx in local brands branching out from just small goods, with many trying their hands at large, artisan goods such as furniture and decorative pieces. Take a look at some local manufacturers for that hint of local luxury when it comes to purchasing furniture, statement pieces or even artwork; this is especially suitable given the impact of COVID-19 on local businesses.

4.     Decorating with artwork

Decorating your home with artwork is a sure way to add some unique flair to it. The fantastic thing about art is that it’s less about understanding it, and more about what it makes you feel when you look at it. From locally painted canvas prints to larger gallery pieces, there is something for everyone in the art space.

If you’re looking to add a touch of modern innovation to your room, then you might even want to consider a bezel-less, digital frame that will cycle between some of your favourite pieces from around the world, complete with alternating frames to fit each piece.

5.     Embracing grandiose bedheads

The bedroom is one’s ultimate palace, so it’s only fitting that a lavish feature such as an upholstered bedhead should make a return, offering both style and practical comfort in a distinctive manner matched by few other items. With materials ranging from leather to velvet, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Consider one that contrasts with your bedroom’s primary colour so it can stand out.

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