The Christmas season is already approaching once again, which means different things for different people, but for many it means that soon it will be time to haul out the Christmas decorations and think about decorating our homes for the season. This year you might be looking for some inspiration, or a way to change up your Christmas décor, and that’s where we come in. Enjoy our 2023 guide to Christmas décor, where we show you all of the latest festive décor trends for luxury custom homes. Keep reading to find out all about decorative trends that are defining this holiday season, and with our help, transform your home’s aesthetic with a touch (or more!) of Christmas magic.

Pops of Colour

Everybody’s taste and preferences are different when it comes to design and décor, and if you are partial to bright colours in your home, you might love this trend. If this sounds like you, then this is your chance to let loose with bursts of colour around your home for Christmas! You can choose a trio of colours, or a consistent theme of complementary shades for your décor, or else embrace the charm of multi-coloured decorations using all the colours of the rainbow. Whichever route you decide to go down, this is an easy trend to nail for even the most novice of decorators.

Wintery Neutrals

This trend has much more of a minimalist vibe, as it is all about cool and wintery neutrals. Despite the fact that temperatures are ramping up steadily as summer approaches, us Aussies too can enjoy a winter Christmas through our home décor. Neutral colours such as cool-toned whites and greys along with natural elements like timber can help to evoke the atmosphere of winter in your home during the holidays. Add in plenty of golden twinkling lights and you can dream of a white Christmas in the comfort of your air-conditioning this Christmas!

Vintage Nostalgia

Evoke memories of your childhood Christmases by incorporating decorative elements from years past. This can include a myriad of different things, from those kitschy glass ornaments that might remind you of your nanna’s Christmas tree, to replacing your gold Christmas lights with some stunning multicoloured ones. 

You can also make this trend more sustainable by using authentic vintage decorations. Consider op-shopping for them, looking on Etsy, or asking your relatives if you can raid their decoration boxes for anything they may no longer want. This makes decorating easier on your hip-pocket and better for the environment, plus you still get to add that nostalgic touch to your home this Christmas.

vintage christmas ornaments

Natural Elements

This year a popular trend is incorporating lots of natural elements into Christmas decorating. Consider your Christmas table for example, where you can use things like pine-cones, greenery, twigs, and flowers as decorations. This can be a fairly inexpensive way to decorate, as you can get really creative and make your own natural table-scape using things from your garden, or elements you might find along your morning walk. It is possible to create beautiful decorations that bring natural wonder to your home by using things like plant clippings, natural garlands, and florals.

Pastel Wonderland

Create a candy-coloured wonderland using stunning pastel shades for your decorations. This trend works particularly well for trimming your tree, on which you can hang baubles in pastel shades, mixed in with lots of silver and gold ornaments too. An added tip is to source your tree decorations in different shapes and varying sizes, as this provides extra visual interest. Pair your pastel theme with lots of metallic elements, plus all the warm-white Christmas lights you want, and you will have yourself a merry – and unique – little Christmas in your home this year!

DIY Décor

Make your Christmas a little more sustainable and environmentally friendly by embracing this DIY trend. Homemade decorations are not only better for the environment, but they add a touch of whimsy and a whole lot of personality to your home’s overall aesthetic. If you’re handy with a needle or sewing machine, you could sew felt ornaments. If you want to go really old-school, consider making paper chains or a popcorn garland to hang. There are so many options out there for creating your own decorations, and crafting is a great way to get your kids or grandkids involved in the Christmas decorating. This is a trend that is as fun as it is good for the environment – what could be better?

Christmas garland

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