As custom home builders in Melbourne, we know in great detail the process of constructing a home from scratch. It’s no easy feat as there’s a lot that goes into the process – from planning to permits and the physical labour. There are a lot of components moving at once and keeping it all together requires a rigid and organised schedule. For today’s blog, we thought we’d talk you through the typical process that’s involved when constructing a custom home.

Pick your builder

First thing’s first – you should always pick a builder you can trust. This is someone who is going to construct the home you’ll be living in, so you want to make sure you connect with them to a degree and are on the same page. Picking a builder that is also familiar with the area and knows the local council regulations is a huge bonus as they can really take advantage of this knowledge in your favour. Also, be sure to take a look at their portfolio to ensure you’re happy with the type of work that they’ve produced.

Working on the plan

Working with an architect to get your dream home accurately down on paper is crucial as this is where you’ll be able to see the first stages of your vision come to life. Similarly, as to the builder, you need to have a good rapport with the architect and complete faith in them. Selecting an architect that has completed homes in similar styles to what you’re looking for is a good start.

You’ll describe every aspect of the house you’ve envisioned to them and they’ll draft up plans. There will most likely be several revisions involved as you may not like some things or others might not be so viable, but every revision brings you one step closer to the finished product. If you’re able to receive 3D rendered plans as well, then that will help you see what the finished product could look like even more-so – so that’s something worth enquiring about when selecting an architect.

Deciding how to pay

There are two ways to fund a building project – lump sum and cost-plus.

  • The lump sum – or fixed cost – method, is where the cost of the project is decided upon from the start. This is the entire cost – including the profit that the builder will make, labour hours and all required materials/equipment. This is the more straightforward method and means that the builder will have to work within the pre-agreed financial parameters. If the cost is exceeded, then the builder’s personal funds will have to be used thereon after.
  • A cost-plus contract is a little different. There is no pre-determined fixed price and all the materials and labour is paid for as the bills come up. This has its benefits as it means the owner can closely monitor what the funds are being spent on as they’ll have to receive documents (drawdown reports) clearly outlining what was purchased. This also ensures that no matter the cost – the builder makes a profit at the end – hence the “plus”.

Gaining permits

Depending on the scope of the construction and your local council – certain permits and permissions may need to be acquired. This is an essential step as failure to gain the appropriate legal consent could result in the entire project being shut down. We also recommend letting neighbours know about the construction as a courtesy.

Building and completing

Our Melbourne-based custom home builders will start working on your home and keep you informed every step of the way. You’ll be looped-in to every important detail and are welcome to visit the site to ensure that everything is being completed to your satisfaction. If there are no major unforeseen delays, then the schedule will be tightly adhered to and your custom home will be complete on time – ready for you to move into.

Are you looking for custom home builders in Melbourne?

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