As technology continues to progress to new heights — many professions must adapt to embrace and leverage new technology. That’s why today, our custom commercial builders are going to be looking at technology in schools, and more specifically, how to design a modern classroom with technology in mind. Let’s start with the different age groups and what their requirements may be.

Different year levels and technology

Over the last decade, it has become commonplace for students to be provided with iPads or Android tablets by the school for the purpose of both improving efficiency and encouraging technological learning. This is a practice we now see students in younger and younger grades participating in as technology becomes a more dominant driving force in our society.

20 years ago, your average high-school classroom, for example, would have had a PC or two and two–three power points spread out around the room. Nowadays this is unlikely to be the case as every student will have a personal tablet or laptop. Some schools may even have Chromecast or Apple TVs in every classroom to provide students with an easy way to share their work with the class.

Even interactive whiteboards — a technology that is used at all levels of education and even in other professional fields — are starting to appear in classrooms as a modern way for the teacher to interact with their students. Whilst writing is still encouraged and is a talent that should not be forgotten — personal tablets and laptops also eliminate the need for multiple folders and workbooks — ultimately leading to a cleaner and potentially smaller desk.

Planning for the modern classroom — power points

With the knowledge that personal tablets and laptops — as well as other hardware — are now commonplace in a school classroom across multiple year levels, it’s time to ask what can be done to optimise the classroom for these modern changes. The most obvious addition would be more power points. Given the electrical requirements needed, this is an element that should be factored in early during a renovation or building plan.

Power points along the wall are useful, however, students will be using their devices all day in some cases and others will have forgotten to charge them overnight. For this, our custom commercial builders recommend two approaches. The first is best suited for rooms with fixed desk positions so the power points can be more-or-less installed at each student’s desk.

The second option works for the aforementioned setup but is also more suited for a roaming desk layout. This involves installing the power points in hidden compartments beneath the ground. When they’re not being used the compartment can be closed — adding to the seamless aesthetic of the room as well as its functionality.

These should be positioned in key points around the room with four–five power points in each compartment (this could be more depending on the size of the average class). Additionally, power points should be installed in the ceiling to account for any projectors or other hardware that requires power.

Furnishings and using the space

Technology in the modern classroom is about more than just extra power points for electronic devices. The traditional classroom that utilised strict desk culture is starting to fade. For example — reading and even writing on a tablet device is much easier to do on an angle rather than on a flat desk.

Additionally, if fewer textbooks and folders are being carried around, smaller desks can be considered. This can leave space for other things in a classroom like reading corners or dedicated device charging stations.

Something that has a little less to do with technology and more with modern design — is large windows and skylights (where possible). Natural light is often overlooked, and classic classrooms featured very rigid window designs. Natural light is much more beneficial than artificial light and can help brighten some students’ temperaments, boost their vitamin D storage and lead to better productivity.

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