Are you planning to extend your home? Maybe you’re itching for more square footage than you have now, or want to turn unused garden space into another bathroom, bedroom, or an extra living area? Whether you’re looking to build up or build-out, the options for home extensions are endless. Here at S&B Lamble Builders, we are ready to help, and keen to see your home extension ideas and plans come to fruition. As expert custom builders, we build, extend, and renovate luxury custom homes, and we thrive on projects that help our customers’ dreams come true.

There are many important things to consider when it comes to extending your home, so read on to discover the 4 tips we have when it comes to the early stages of your project.

Research, Research, Research

Whilst in the early planning stages, this is your opportunity to let your fingers do the walking and have fun researching all you can about home extensions. Search the internet for architectural ideas or scour Pinterest for design inspiration and have fun discovering all the options available to you.

There will be many decisions to finalise in the later stages of your build, from whether you will build up or out, through to the size of your extension and final touches like fixtures. So, while you are still in the first stages, try to gather as much information as you can in order to make your final decisions easier when the time comes.

Let your imagination run wild and create that Pinterest board, and then when it comes a time, let us here at  S&B Lamble Builders take care of the rest. While you’re at it, why not get some inspiration from our guide to luxury home design trends, or our list of custom luxury features you may not have thought of?

Be Aware of Required Permits

When you seek to undertake building work that changes an existing building or constructs a new one, you will need a permit that allows you to move forward with such work. There are two types of permits – building permits and planning permits, each issued under its own governmental act.

During the early or planning stages of your home extension, it is imperative to familiarise yourself with the permit or permits that you will need. This information can be found on the website of your local council, or by contacting your council’s department for building permits if you need clarification. Have a look at this planning and permit checklist from the Victorian Government to help you on your way to gaining the relevant permit or permits.

Consider Balancing the Old and New

An important point to remember in the early stages of planning a home extension is maintaining consistency in the character of your home. Your home undoubtedly already has a certain character, or personality to it, whether that is a traditional bungalow style, art-deco or maybe an eclectic style all of its own.

If you’re like most others planning a home extension, you will want to ensure that this unique personality is carried through to the extended section of your home. Without proper consideration and planning, the old section could look noticeably different in style from the new section. This difference can upset the overall flow of the home and can be jarring to the eye.

Make sure that when it comes to planning and design, you are able to maintain consistency throughout your home – from the old to the new. This will unify the energy of the space and be visually appealing.

Choose the Right Custom Builder

When it comes to planning out your home extension, there’s nothing more important than choosing the right builder for your venture. You need someone who can seamlessly integrate all the aspects of an extension: from permits, planning and design, through to the construction and effective management of your project.

An expert builder will understand and work with your budget, have a passion for the industry, and will see your vision for your new home and work with you to bring it to life. You deserve nothing less than the best when it comes to your home extension, so choosing the right custom builder is critical.

That’s where S&B Lamble Builders step in. We’re here to assist with your bespoke, custom home extension, and to help you see your dream through to a stunning end result.

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