It’s the start of the new decade! 2020 has begun and we thought we’d kick off the year with a good old-fashioned list of upcoming trends for the new year centred around luxury custom homes. We live and breathe luxury custom homes here at S & B Lamble Builders so it’ll be our pleasure to present to you some hot-button concepts and aesthetics that we think will make big waves this year!

Sustainable items and decorations

As the world tries to move closer to an eco-friendlier and more sustainable planet, we’re all trying to make small changes in our own way. One of those ways is by greening your home. This is a trend that is already pretty popular and gaining more momentum. The easiest way to do this is by placing green plants around your home.

Another way is by using more sustainable products or decorations – this way you’re actively supporting a sustainable industry. Think about materials you commonly use around your home and how you dispose of your trash? There’s always a more sustainable way to do things.


Arches have been a classic design for centuries but have faded into the background of a home’s architectural design in past years. We predict that arches will be making a prominent comeback this year. Elaborate, aesthetically gorgeous decorations will also follow the arches – transforming them into even more of a feature piece.

This will allow them to stand out where they may have blended into the ceiling in the past. Arches are fantastic because they can give your home a very classic and Victorian-aged look – whilst still leaving room to modernise.

Subtle colours

The last few years have seen some pretty interesting homes in terms of colour schemes. People were trying some different things, some a bit more vibrant and elaborate than others. Neutral tones such as beige were pretty big in 2019. But, for luxury custom homes in 2020, we think colour is going to return to homes.

Whilst white is a classic tone that you can’t go wrong with, opting for a very subtle colour like blue or yellow instead can be fantastic as it adds an extra layer of depth and individuality to your home. You don’t want the colour to be too washed out, though, it should be solid but just not overly vibrant.

Be sure to think ahead when picking your colour, as some colours may not work with the furniture or hardware you’re looking at.

Seamless storage

Storage is a common problem among households. People always seem to have too much stuff and nowhere to put it. Incorporating seamless and hidden storage into luxury custom homes is something that we’ll definitely be seeing a lot of this year.

The element that makes this aesthetic so desirable is the way it seamlessly integrates into the rest of the environment. Hidden panels that end up being large cupboards or drawers. Not only does it look great, but it’s also highly functional. Storage space is something that will always be in demand.

Smart homes

With more and more smart products being perfected and put onto the market, it’s no wonder people are wanting to make their homes “smart homes”. It’s not just about controlling your lights with your voice or smart device, but all of your hi-fi equipment and your blinds as well.

You can see who’s at your front door and speak to them from anywhere in the world with a smart doorbell and set automations to occur at certain times of the day. Most of today’s modern-day home appliances are getting smart capabilities – moving towards total integration.

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For over 35 years we’ve been building quality custom homes – showcasing our superior workmanship across a number of luxury residential projects. Whatever your vision is, we’ll help you bring it to life and make sure you’re happy every step of the way.

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