Renovations provide the perfect opportunity to transform those unsightly corners of your home into a functional asset that better suits your family’s lifestyle. As custom home builders in Melbourne, our team is overflowing with renovation ideas to optimise your space including features to elevate your luxury custom home to the next level. With open-plan spaces a favourite of every modern residential design, it can be difficult to know what to do with ill-fitting nooks, voids or smaller rooms. Here are some ideas to maximise those unused spaces during a renovation with a premium builder.

Take note of wasted space

Ineffective use of space is a wasted opportunity within the home, but it is a perfect launching point for renovation ideas! Remember, misused areas of a floorplan aren’t just limited to those smaller, spare rooms that don’t serve a purpose. From a void under the staircase to a strange empty nook in the living room, if your home isn’t taking advantage of all the space available, it may be a poor design in need of reconstruction.

When planning a renovation, first analyse your home’s current layout and consider which corners or aspects of your home are not being used efficiently and why. It may be that the spare room does not have any natural lighting or power points, limiting its potential and creating a stifling atmosphere. Maybe you’ll find that your home doesn’t contain enough storage space, so one corner of the kitchen has become an overflow area of clutter. By outlining the spaces that you believe can be improved, you can begin to envision your renovation needs and plan your dream home.

Embracing your space through interior styling

Once the less-than-ideal components of your home have been detailed, it’s time to perfect your space for optimum enjoyment. This could be as small as changing the void under the stairs into display shelving or a quiet, reading nook, or as large as creating an outdoor kitchen to better facilitate outdoor dining. If you have a smaller room that is often ignored, consider turning it into a unique hobby room that better suits your lifestyle such as a yoga studio, library, office, home cinema or wine cellar. By making smaller changes like removing curtains, adding a light palette or creating more floor space, you can transform unused areas into pleasant spaces for a brighter and more versatile home.

Merging rooms for a more spacious design

Perhaps the corners of your home all serve a purpose, but your abode is missing a sense of flow that would improve the use of space. As every custom home builder in Melbourne knows, establishing an easy transition between rooms and ensuring that natural light reaches the furthest corners of the home is important for that refined, luxuriousy ambience. Knocking down walls to establish a more open-plan design could maximise your home’s floorplan. This transformation could include combining rooms for an added sense of spaciousness or adding a much-needed window or skylight for a more welcoming feel. To truly embrace open-plan-living, consider installing bi-fold doors to create a seamless flow from your interiors to your outdoor entertaining area. 

When merging smaller rooms to improve functionality, remember to approach your renovation holistically and with the benefits of passive design in mind. Luxury homes are created with a cohesive design between bathrooms, kitchens, living and outdoor spaces. This flawless feel can be achieved by including matching details such as tiling, tapware or a colour palette across the home. For that modern and timeless atmosphere, always use premium materials and enlist the help of expert Melbourne custom home builders like the team at S & B Lamble Builders.

Renovation limitations

Renovations are an effective method of improving unused spaces for your family’s ever-changing lifestyle. However, there are many things to consider before renovating your home. There are also construction components that could make your renovation more costly, such as spaces with poor access to plumbing or the need to adjust the ceiling height of the garage to convert it into a bedroom. Always take the time to discuss these challenges with an expert builder.

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