Are you planning to build your own luxury custom home? Here are a few features you should consider including that are often overlooked. They won’t be as grand or expensive as an extra room; but when they are included, they will bring an extra touch of class, comfort, and premium quality to your living standards. You will be thanking yourself for it.
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Natural Lighting

It cannot be overstated how important lighting is when designing a space. Natural light can turn a space that feels small and claustrophobic into an area that feels warm, calm, and open. A great way to take advantage of natural light is embracing floor to ceiling windows in your open plan areas. Also, note the direction the windows are facing and whether you would like morning/ midday/ evening sun illuminating an area.  

Custom Lighting

‘Smart’ RGB light globes are becoming an increasingly popular method of artificial lighting and it is easy to see why – with Wi-Fi and smart home connectivity you can control all your household lights from a phone app or smart-home console. If you are aiming to create a specific mood or environment, smart lighting can be an incredibly versatile solution. You can turn your lounge room into a dancefloor when hosting parties if you find a smart bulb with timed colour changing and strobe effects. But it’s not just parties that smart lights can be beneficial for, there can also be health benefits. To help synchronise with your body’s circadian rhythms, change light colours in the evening to warmer yellow tones – which won’t interfere with your body’s natural melatonin production and help improve sleep.

Shower improvements

Consider how much time you and your family spend in the shower. To make your custom home stand out, even more, increase the floor space of your shower and make it feel like a small room of its own. Further luxury bathroom enhancements could include precise heating controls, so the user isn’t wasting time and water waiting for the temperature to reach the desired heat, and plenty of shelving space to store hair and skincare products. Speak to your Melbourne builder about what materials you should include to reduce mould build-up and cleaning requirements and ask about what ventilation and climate controls can be introduced to allow your shower to build up and release steam quickly, potentially even allowing it to double as a steam room.

Large Pantry

If you plan to spend a lot of time cooking, raising a family, or hosting events in your new custom luxury home; having a large pantry or walk-in pantry is essential to keep your kitchen space clean. Have a dedicated space, not a random cupboard/shelf so you can avoid keeping food out on benches/ taking away space for other appliances.
Pantries can be an overlooked feature as some homeowners choose to get takeaway or eat at restaurants instead of cooking food in the kitchen. However, if you plan on hosting guests – you will need a place to store all the ingredients. If your household members are wine connoisseurs, consider having a dedicated cellar-style storage area with bottle holders for your collection.

Outdoor Living Space

Most people consider homes to be indoor spaces. However, in Melbourne, we can have beautiful weather all year round (albeit very inconsistent). Take advantage of the outdoor area you have for your luxury custom home: whether that be an undercover seating area, an outdoor kitchen, BBQ space or even a bar.
Alternatively, having a living/ lounge/ open plan area that opens to an outdoor deck or patio with sliding door panels can be a brilliant way of integrating the home and backyard environments and make your living area appear much visually larger.

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