Renovating is an exciting time for anyone – whether it’s for yourself or to sell your property. Our builders in Pakenham have 35 years worth of renovation experience and know exactly what parts of your home should be considered for renovation first and foremost as well as what you should consider before beginning your renovation. Whilst at the end of the day you should renovate the areas you’re personally interested in, it’s always worthwhile considering an expert option and seeing the possibilities. That’s why we’ve highlighted five areas to consider during a renovation in today’s blog.

1.     The bathroom

Often considered a make or break room by people, the bathroom truly is a sacred room. There is a lot you can do with your bathroom and there are a plethora of styles and designs that you can opt for. Roomy, open-style showers with large rainfall heads are quite popular and make you feel like you’re on a holiday.

Other options include building a second bathroom or, of course, the luxurious and practical option of an ensuite. Ensuites are highly stylish and useful additions to any bedroom. Consider large frosted skylights so you can let a heap of natural light in whilst still maintaining privacy.

2.     The kitchen

There’s always room for improvement in the kitchen. Whether it’s something as simple as replacing an old appliance with a new one or redesigning the entire layout, the kitchen is a room our Pakenham-based builders love to work on. Island benches and white marble are popular styles that will look spectacular in any modern home.

You could also look into handle-less drawers and cupboards for a more seamless and integrated look. If your kitchen is in its own room then you can consider knocking down the wall between it and your living room for a more open concept – that way you can also be a part of the conversations in the living room whilst preparing meals – as well as watch the TV.

3.     Backyard living space

Your backyard holds a hidden potential that our builders in Pakenham can easily unlock. An outdoor living room is the ultimate way to relax outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. All you need is a solid roof and, if you choose, a deck to act as the foundations. Now you can decorate the area with furnishings and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen so you can do everything without having to go back and forth from your primary kitchen.

Whilst you’ll be all set for the summertime, you’ll want some electric/gas heaters or an outdoor fireplace to help you stay warm during the cooler months. We also highly recommend adding some skylights to your roof for the sun to shine through (or the rain to create a calming atmosphere). You can really do a lot with such a space once it’s been established.

4.     A fresh coat of paint

Depending on the breadth of your renovations, a fresh coat of paint is always a great idea to keep the house looking sparkling and new. The best part is that it doesn’t even have to be a new colour, you can just redo the same colour to refresh it. But of course, the option to introduce a new colour and paint some contrasting feature walls is always open if you’re after a new look.

5.     Innovative storage space

You can never have enough storage space in your home nowadays and the best way to introduce more storage space is with seamless, hidden units that just look like ordinary walls. These are great because they can be pretty large but appear to not even be there.

Of course, your other option is the classic approach of building an entirely new room and making it a walk-in cupboard. You can add mirrors to this and make it large enough to try on clothes. Or, your third option is to do both and get the best of both worlds.

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