Spring has well and truly sprung, and with it comes warmer weather, longer days, and the promise of Summer just around the corner. Spring brings not only a new season, but new beginnings, and a new chance to consider building, renovating, or extending your luxury custom home. We all love the sense of hope and positivity that Spring brings, but Spring also ushers in new luxury design trends that reflect the optimism of this time of year.

Keep reading to take a look at the design trends that are defining the season, and that can be implemented in your own home, with the help of S&B Lamble Builders.

Nature is All Around

With Spring being the season defined by new growth, blooming flowers, and lush green gardens, it’s no surprise that nature makes an appearance on this list. This time of year is marked by warmer days and more hours of sun, and it invites us to take advantage of the gardens and outside spaces that we may have avoided during the Winter.

Spring also invites us to welcome the outside in and to create spaces within the home to enjoy nature and the natural environment. One feature of this trend is a focus on natural light, and this can be carried through to your luxury custom home with careful and considered window placement and the selection of window dressings like blinds. Another way to bring nature into the home is with final touches like plants. Indoor plants have many benefits, including fostering a peaceful and calming atmosphere and adding greenery to the colour palette of your home. Take a look at this guide to indoor plants to help you choose flora that will thrive in the home.

Statement Walls

A colourful patterned wall, behind a bright yellow couch

Remember the days of the feature wall? That’s right, these fun and vibrant walls are back with a vengeance, in the form of the fresh and updated statement wall. This means that walls featuring colour, patterns and even texture are trending, and a bright and joyful colour palette is on the cards for Spring 2022.

The statement wall can act as a focal point in the home, drawing the eye and brightening the room. That means that when it comes to the paint store, you can let your imagination run wild, and take inspiration from Spring, nature, art, or whatever takes your fancy. The options are only limited by what you can imagine!

Relaxation Spaces

A trend that has been seen throughout 2022 and into the Spring season is spaces dedicated to relaxation and taking care of yourself. As the name suggests, this doesn’t have to be an entire room, because the trend encompasses spaces, nooks, corners, and entire rooms that are designed for self-care, rest, and relaxation. That’s right, this is your opportunity to create a space within your home just for you!

The options are as abundant and varied as your interests and passions. Think: the reading nook of your bibliophile dreams, the ultimate spa-like bathroom for self-pampering, or a nature lover’s lush, green haven complete with an outdoor kitchen for preparing backyard cocktails! Just consider what interests you, think about how you like to take care of yourself and recharge, and then start planning!

You can always incorporate a relaxation space into your existing home, but if you want to include one in the plans for your luxury custom home build or home extension, S&B Lamble will be able to help. Check out our tips on starting to start planning a home extension for more inspiration.

Bonus Round: The High-Tech House

Evolving and contemporary technology has been a constant feature in design trends for 2022, and most likely into 2023 and beyond. As technology changes, its role in our homes does too, and likewise, as design trends evolve, so too does the technology to fit into these spaces.  

The ultra-high-tech space is characterised not by technology for the sake of it, but by those pieces of tech that integrate seamlessly into our lives and make them easier, more enjoyable, and more entertaining.

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