It’s one of the ultimate dreams for some – to have another home you can go to during the holiday season (or whenever you may choose) and relax or even rent out to others as a secondary source of income. There are a few key elements that truly make a holiday home stand-out and our luxury home builders are going to be covering them in today’s article.

Open-planned living

A holiday home should be as open as possible – small, closed rooms tend to feel restrictive whereas open and interconnected rooms will feel airy and more relaxed. It’s also great for entertaining guests and leaves more room for furnishings. Staples like joint living rooms and kitchens with a large kitchen island bench are essentials – being both practical as well as stylish.

Large windows

Provided you don’t have neighbours that can peak right into your living room – large windows and even skylights are highly recommended because no matter what the weather is like it will always bring a gorgeous mood with it.

If it’s sunny then your living room will be flooded with natural light and if it’s raining it will help to create a cosy ambience that would pair perfectly with a fireplace. Our luxury home builders recommend double-glazed windows, so the outside weather doesn’t creep too much into your internal ecosystem.

Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms

If you’re planning on visiting your holiday home with family friends (or even renting it out when you’re not using it) then having multiple bedrooms and bathrooms is great for ensuring everyone has a comfortable experience.

If this is the case, it’s worth giving the same amount of detail and care to the construction of the other bedrooms as is given to the master bedroom for the ultimate premium experience. This will also allow you to offer a higher price if you’re offering it as a temporary holiday home for others.

Special amenities

Having special amenities in your holiday house – like a billiards or foosball table – is a great way to drive up its value as well as offer endless entertainment for you or your guests. You can insert them into one of the main rooms or request a specially designed room to specifically house such amenities.

This room could be a specific entertainment room with a bar, television, seating and even mood lighting. It essentially would be like a second living room, but one designed more-so with entertainment in mind rather than an all-rounder like living rooms tend to be.

Outdoor living

Generally speaking, holiday homes that tend to be located down the coast have huge potential for stunning outdoor living setups. This could be a simple deck with a barbeque and some basic furnishings – or, you could go a few steps further and create a more detailed outdoor living room with a kitchen, roof, fireplace and even some built-in speakers. Additionally, having a swimming pool will yield heaps of fun if you’re not feeling up to heading down to the beach.


If you’re looking to build your holiday home down by the coast then you’ll be able to enjoy stunning ocean and beach views – this especially rings true for homes that are built on hills where the vertical positioning will give you a geographical advantage. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a different vibe, then a holiday home near a forest will give you a serene and gorgeous ambience – especially when it starts raining.

Additionally, consider nearby amenities such as supermarkets, restaurants/cafes, petrol stations etc. as you don’t want to be travelling too far for your basic necessities. It’s crucial to take the location into account before starting construction.

Low maintenance

Since you probably won’t be spending the majority of your time in your holiday home, it’s best to ensure that it’s low maintenance so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it so often. If you’re going to be renting it to guests over the years, then choosing materials that are easy to clean is key.

For example, white tiles will dirty easily due to their colour, however, because they’re tiles they’ll also be quite easy to clean – so it’s that perfect middle ground of looking stunning but also being easily cleanable for the next set of guests.

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