Many first home builders can be overwhelmed with the multitude of choices available to them, but creating a timeless home that changes alongside your needs and preferences doesn’t have to be a challenge with the experienced custom builders in Melbourne, S & B Lamble. As experienced luxury home builders, our team has the expertise to create enduring homes that won’t have to be renovated in several years to suit the latest trends. Creating a long-lasting home that grows with your family’s needs is simple with these four design concepts.

Functional floorplans

Many aspects of the build can be tailored to personal preferences and style changes, but a functional floorplan will allow your custom home to always be timeless. Homes designed to create a sense of spaciousness will always be in style. Consider tall ceilings, open plan designs and plenty of natural light to maximise your home’s space. Views of the exterior will also create that effortless sense of flow that is always sought after and built-in storage options will seamlessly integrate with the environment.

Another aspect that luxury custom builders in Melbourne will pay close attention to is the positioning and placement of windows. Large, north-facing windows allow optimal natural light throughout the day, while clerestory windows allow light to travel further into the home. A window splashback in the kitchen also allows plenty of natural light on the countertops for a bright cooking experience. Considering the purpose of every corner of your home, both now and in the future, will result in a truly functional floorplan and an effortless sense of timelessness.

Integrate passive design elements and smart features

Another easy element to heighten your home’s sense of luxury is to incorporate passive elements into the build. Passive design benefits custom homes by leveraging the climate to maintain a comfortable ambience all year round. By choosing the correct R-value for the home’s insulation and double-glazing windows, you can ensure that the home is kept cool during summer and cosy during the winter, saving you money on heating and cooling.

Exploring smart home features can also add to a home’s interior comfort. From automating your blinds to open and close at certain times to ensuring a hot cup of coffee is always ready for you with smart appliances, smart fixtures add to a home’s luxury.  

Focus on quality materials

Exclusively using quality materials will also amplify your home’s atmosphere and ensure your custom home is durable and enduring. Choosing high-quality, natural materials like timber, concrete and stone will always be in style and add to the cosy flow from interior to exterior. Quality materials will allow your home to be built for longevity and infuse it with natural warmth. Remember to opt for simplicity and minimalism over a cluttered look.

Don’t just follow trends and trending palettes

The temptation to simply replicate a palette or interior look from a magazine or trending post, but don’t just fall prey to incoming and outgoing styles. The chicest luxury home design trends constantly change, and so it’s best to not design a home around one style that may not interest you as much in 5 years. Be inspired by trends but consider their longevity.

Colours may come and go, but neutral palettes serve as a great blank canvas to style your home again and again. If you’re uncertain about a certain build or interior aspect, a great trial is to limit bolder styles to fixtures and aspects that can be easily replaced or repainted in several years, like furnishings, bolder fittings or wall colours.

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