Spring is coming to a close and the gorgeous weather we’ve been having recently has gotten our luxury home builders excited for summer. The best way to enjoy summer without worrying about going out is, of course, a swimming pool in your own backyard. At S & B Lamble Builders, we’ve had experience with stunning and luxury swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of luxury elements that can go into a swimming pool, then allow us to focus that gaze onto five of the best that will leave no room for doubt when it comes time to make a decision.

1.     Grand tapestry on the pool floor

Picture it – you’re standing over your pool and see the crystal-clear water that is further emphasised by the magnificent tapestry below it. Our luxury home builders recommend a medium-sized design in the centre that can be complemented by supplemental tiles on the edges of the floor. Alternatively, you can go all out and opt for a single, large design that will cover the whole pool floor. Remember that the colour of the tiles will affect what colour the pool is – so, bright, summery shades like blues, yellows or greens are safe options.

2.     A water feature

Complementing your luxury swimming pool with a water feature or two is a great way to improve its overall vibe. This could be a series of small water fountains spread out around the pool that continuously recycle the water and shoot it upwards in an arc back into the pool. Or, for a more lavish centrepiece – why not consider a mini waterfall a metre or two wide. 

Something like the waterfall can also be adorned extravagantly to match the grand tapestry of your pool’s floor or even independently to make it stand out further. Similarly to a waterfall, you could also design the pool so that the water on one side actually flows off the edge to replicate the effect that the edge of the pool is a waterfall itself.

3.     Spacious patio and practical materials

Regulations state that your swimming pool must be gated for safety reasons. But, the room around your pool can still be used to spread out lounges (banana or otherwise), or even a small table and chairs along with large umbrellas for shade. Even certain plants will give the space a more tropical feel. 

There are several great materials you can use for the flooring surrounding the pool such as specially treated timber (which will look sleek and muted) specifically designed for pool decking and exposed aggregate concrete (which comes in an endless number of design combinations and is slip-resistant).

4.     A spa

Whether it’s integrated or a separate feature a metre or two away, a spa is always favourable as it can be used during the cooler climates as well as the warmer ones. As luxury home builders, we’ve seen our fair share of spas and can safely say that the best-sized ones can fit at least seven or eight people in them – so that’s a good place to start. 

The shape is up to you – both rectangular/square and circle options have their benefits and it really just comes down to personal preference. Having a circular stand-alone or integrated spa at the end of a rectangular pool will look just as good as a rectangular/square spa – as long as you don’t mind the geometrical shift from sharp to round edges.

5.     Pool heating

Whilst it may seem like a subtle feature – a heated pool is extremely useful and one that you’ll be taking advantage of frequently throughout the summer (and other seasons). It will allow you to regulate the temperature so a relaxing and even swimming experience can be enjoyed by all. You can choose from solar, gas or electrical heating systems – all of which have their pros and cons. 

Solar heating is the most environmentally friendly and one of the more efficient methods – becoming even more effective and efficient when used in conjunction with a solar power battery (so you don’t have to rely on the weather being sunny for it to work).

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