Aged care facilities are an important part of society. It falls upon aged care facilities to provide a safe and nurturing environment to live in. Not only must aged care facilities be efficiently operated and staffed by loving and dedicated people – but designed effectively as well. Commercial builders must understand that aged care facilities shouldn’t look outdated and repetitive, but fresh and exciting to keep the residents engaged. Below, you will find some tips that S & B Lamble Builders believe make a great aged care facility.

Quality dorms

It’s easy to design a dorm room – but making it comfortable and boutique is something that S & B Lamble Builders excel at. It all starts with the plan of the room. It should be sufficiently sized for a bed as well as a sitting area. Many times, these furnishings are squashed into a room. We believe that there should be a healthy amount of space for both visitors and aged care residents to move around comfortably. The individual rooms should be insulated as well as partially soundproofed to guarantee maximum comfort.

Engaging hallways

What we mean when we say engaging hallways is that a lot of aged care facilities seem to have generic, dreary hallways and designs. There’s a lot of repetition, which can confuse the elderly – especially the ones who are suffering from dementia. By making each corridor and turn unique, you’re not only making it easier for everyone to get around, but also stimulating their minds. This could be with vibrant colours or some artwork – either painted directly onto the walls or hung up. 

It is also important when in the initial design phase to not make the facility to confusing to navigate from the get-go. Select a simple shape and model the building accordingly. Whilst you want to avoid generic-looking corridors – implementing overly-complex twists and turns can be the other extreme. Instead, aim for the middle ground.

An ensuite for each room

Shared bathrooms are a hassle in aged care facilities and that’s why an ensuite for each resident’s room is not only a smart choice, but a beneficial one too. Giving each resident their own bathroom with a shower and basin ensures no waiting or unnecessary hassle. Each ensuite also needs to be fitted with the appropriate safety and disabled access additions to make the experience as seamless as possible.

Sizeable outdoor area

Taking day trips into town is a great way to get the residents out and about. But giving them an option to go outside anytime they want is even better. Provided the land is there, a sizeable courtyard or backyard is a fantastic way to get the residents out of their rooms when the weather is nice. It opens up a range of possibilities such as gardening activities and encourages exercise. Water features can be installed along with gazebos and other seated areas where the residents can relax on a nice, sunny day.


Accessibility is a huge part of aged care facilities and encompasses the entire commercial project. All features and amenities within the facility must be accessible by everyone – accounting for all types of disabilities and disorders. This also extends to the facilities exterior as well, however. Things like the entrance, car park and emergency exits all need to be designed and built with accessibility in mind.


An aged care facility should resemble a home as much as possible. If the residents are comfortable and feel like they’re in their own home, then that will contribute to their mood. The facilities environment contributes to their wellbeing and comfort just as much as the staff do.

Looking for commercial builders?

If you require commercial builders to take on an aged care facility project, then S & B Lamble Builders are the perfect candidates. With 35 years of experience within the construction sector, our commercial builders are well-trained and highly qualified. Our contractors are well-equipped to deal with both residential properties and commercial projects through Melbourne and regional Victoria and will be able to work with you to turn your dream into a reality. We also specialise in building aged care facilities and understand the key requirements that go into such a project.

If you would like to know more about how our commercial builders can design the ideal aged care facility for you, then please get in touch by calling (03) 5941 8135. Alternatively, you can fill out the enquiry form on our website