As commercial builders in Melbourne, we get a lot of contracts for interesting and uncommon projects. Some of those projects include wineries. These are unique projects because they’re so multi-faceted and distinctive with their design that there is no single way that they can be done. Depending on the extent of the activities and services that the winery will be offering – some elements may need to be included or left out. In today’s blog, our commercial builders in Melbourne are going to take a look at what goes into creating the perfect winery.

Building with the landscape

Wineries are usually situated where the grapes themselves are actually grown – which mean long, green fields. It’s important to understand the terrain of where the physical structure is going to be built. Will it just be on flat land? Or does the client what it on a hill? Will extra support be needed if it’s not all on flat land? The natural landscape must be factored into the initial construction plan – that way you can take full advantage of the proposed construction space.

Make sure your client knows their services

Wineries can be anything from a place to simply make, taste and purchase the wine – to a full hotel service with a dining room and multiple bars. You must ensure your client knows what they want before going ahead with any plans. Whilst extensions are possible – it’s best to get it out of the way in the initial construction if your client thinks there’s a chance that they’ll offer a particular service in the near future.

Decide on the style

You’ll want to keep the overall aesthetic uniform across the whole winery – so if it’s a modern design that’s being looked at then that should be adopted the whole way through. The same goes for if your client wants to emulate a rustic Italian vibe. We find that a good blend of both is key to delivering a great experience to customers – as it makes them feel like they’re in a modern winery but one that has a heritage charm.

Decking and outdoor furnishings

Decking is an absolute must for most wineries. This obviously depends on the overall build and setting of the project – but in most cases, decking can be very useful. Not only does it offer a fantastic viewing platform where sunsets can be witnessed by friends and lovers alike – but also offers a spacious area for an outdoor drinking setting as well as dining if the winery has a restaurant/offers an à la carte menu.

On top of this, there may be gazebos, pergolas or other similar structures constructed throughout the grounds, adding little spots where people can also gather to relax and enjoy the scenery. Our commercial builders in Melbourne think it’s even worth considering paving some of these outdoor spaces with concrete to create a more stable area for mingling and furnishings – or even smaller deck area that is detached from the main building.

Windows and roofing

Whilst solid and sturdy ceiling/walls are always a good idea in case of any rough weather – you may want to opt for more aesthetically pleasing options such as glass ceilings. Whilst this probably won’t account for the whole ceiling, having a large skylight is a brilliant way to introduce a natural atmosphere indoors. Whether it’s shining or raining the customers will be treated to a great ambience and some natural light to go with it.

Similarly, you can have large floor to ceiling windows around a section of the winery – perhaps the bar or dining area. This will also offer customers a view of the gorgeous natural landscape if the weather indoors is more favourable. Double glazed windows should be looked at as they carry with them fantastic insulating properties to keep the space cooler during the hotter days and warmer during the colder days.

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